One evening in June, at Karen's, over a few adult beverages, we talked about what fun it might be to do an all Women team for Regatta Time in Abaco. I was sure it was too short notice for this year, and there would be no boats available for charter and no flights to be had, but Karen was determined. Two weeks after I thought the idea was dead in the water, I had an email from her about a Moorings boat that was available at Marsh Harbour and she had a team sort of lined up and would I like to join them. Having done this event many times before, I know how hot and sticky it can be over there in July so my first question was, "does the boat have a/c?" Karen said "yes but only on shore power, no generator", so of course I said… so that means the crew are willing to pay for dockage every night? She and the others agreed. I also reminded her that our last 3 nights would be at Marsh Harbour so as the Mooring's base, our dockage there would be free, as well as water and fuel. So… the plan came together and off we went! Karen, Barbara, Donna, Kim and I.

We left FLL on Continental Connection on June 30 to arrive in MHH at 12:35pm.

Great timing to hit the grocery, the liquor store, and then get to our boat for the briefing. We had talked about a name for the boat and Barb managed to get a banner made with our new name and even some pink crew shirts and sail #1 (as required by race rules). We were now the s/v Wicked!!

Finally off the dock about an hour later than we had planned but still enough daylight to cover 10 miles over to Baker's Bay for the night. We had time for dinner in their dining room and a swim in the morning in their lovely pool.



After the swim and a bit of breaky aboard, we headed out to do our little trip around the Whale and on up to Green Turtle Club. Luckily, it was mostly uneventful and we arrived with time to spare for a drink at the bar! Have to have the official Tipsy Turtle, after all!

We lucked out and snagged ourselves a ride with the guys from Tampa Girl over to the Stranded Naked Party... much more style than our dink for sure!






And so, a nice ride back to Green Turtle Club with the Tampa Girl crew and more Tipsy Turtles and time for some sleep.


Next morning, race 1, the Green Turtle Race and the traditional Junkanoo:


With a rating of 121, we didn't do so well but still, had a fun day on the water! I think we were something like 9th of 13 in class but can't swear to that.



Back at the boat, after some partying I won't talk about... what happens in Abaco, stays in Abaco!!

But I do seem to remember something about some knot tying lessons??? No, that can't be right!



This photo pretty much describes our mood for the trip over to Treasure on the Lay Day!!

After a nice little motor sail over to Treasure, we had to force ourselves to yet another pool party and then a beach party! Poor us!





We caught a ride to dinner at a restaurant who's name I can't remember and don't seem to have photos of so I'll just say we ate! I seem to remember a great Conch Salad served in the shell.

Next morning was another race...from Treasure to Great Guana this time. Our handicap was adjusted again but still not enough for us to find a place on the podium, (not that I expected one).

Once at Guana, we went in to Orchid Bay for our dock and then started walking to Guana Grabbers but finally caught a golf cart ride from some locals.


Of course, a trip to Great Guana isn't complete without a visit to Nippers for some dancing and bonfires on the beach.


Luckily we now get another lay day and the fleet moves to Marsh Harbour. We stopped to anchor and snorkel on "The Mermaid" reef on the way. Always a lovely spot!


Next, on to the Moorings home base so we can shower and get to the next party, at Mangoes. Something about more rum and more dancing seems to come to mind.


The next day was the Marsh Harbour race and the awards party at Crossing Beach. Still, no great race results for team Wicked but the fun goes on.

Finally a chance to visit the Conch man for some salad, hand made on the spot. No trip to Abaco is complete without it.

Finally our last race day and this one is a distance race over to Hopetown. Tough conditions with gusty wind and a lot of upwind sailing. Luckily, we lined ourselves up with a ride over to Sea Spray with the Tampa Girl team on their power boat after we finished and got the boat back to Marsh. It would have been difficult to get back there otherwise. Those guys were great to have around and I think they had fun with us too. We gave them all our leftover food and booze when we left so they would have it for the rest of their trip.


Wind Pirate

Wind Pirate

Tampa Girl


The final party for the Wicked team over at Sea Spray on Hopetown:


And finally, with a nrew rating of 313...

Team Wicked with 3rd in Hopetown Race