Digby, Nova Scotia, Scallop Days

August, 2006

The little town of Digby is famous for scallops and fishing and not much more. This was the 31st year of their Scallop Festival, which includes a regatta, so it was a good excuse to get out of the Florida heat for a week. Bill and Sharon and Sherman invited me to come sail. We raced Sherman's lovely C&C 110 and had a fun time but somewhat too much wind for that boat to sail her rating so a mid fleet finish was the best we could do. The photos below are mostly of the town and the docks and if you look at the dock you will see where the ramp at high tide is about level to walk across, then look at the picture next to it, you can see what happens when 28 feet of tide goes out! I've included a few other shots that try to show the tide differences. Also, there are a few pix of Annapolis Royal, which was settled in 1605.



High Tide


Low Tide




Low Tide


High Tide


Skipper Sherman



Baby visitor









Wall art in digby


More art


Fire starting contest



Shucked Scallops


Lobster tank


View from my balcony


View looking up to my balcony




Crab boats

Crab boats unloading the catch