This year, with only about 2 months warning, our former Hospice Regatta organizers decided they would not hold a regatta this year.

A lot of sailors were VERY disappointed and a handful decided to do something about it. Chris W. from GSC, Michael D. from HISC, Mark S. from LYC, Bob from Super Sailmakers and a bunch of volunteers stepped up to the challenge and found another chapter of Hospice to grab the event and run with it. Hospice By The Sea is our new organizing host and they did a GREAT job with very short notice to get a wonderful event organized.

The last count I heard was that there were 49 boats entered! WELL DONE to all those mentioned above!!

Once again, I had the joy to race on Bandana with the regular crew of, Dave, Frank, Bob, Nick, Charlie, Sammie, and for his first time aboard, Joe.

The wind was predicted to be light S-SE at about 6-9kts and so as we left the dock, we changed out the Jib from the #3 to the #2. Once out on the water, we did a practice set... spinnaker a few jibes, then get it down. By the time we were finished with all that, we started to look hard at what the wind was doing... it was building. It was time to make a decision. The decision was made to switch back to the #3 and so we did the sail change. GOOD CHOICE! The wind did nothing but build all day. We saw true wind up to 21kts before the day was over, and having the right sail up, made all the difference!


Sail nails for good luck!


Joe on the bow

Joe and Nick




Charlie and Nick




Nick and Frank in background


Sam trimming and Bob at the helm.


Skip and Donna


It was a totally successful day on the water, as Bandana took home a FIRST in CLASS as well as TOP FUNDRAISER!

Click here if you'd like to see the race track.. Google Earth needed.