HISC to Palm Beach 2012

While I'm waiting for a story to be written by a crew member, I'll simply post the Email I got today from my Skipper on Magic:


Ahoy Magicians,

Magic took 1st place Saturday in ARC and 1st place overall out of 26 boats racing in the WPB Regatta. The winds were light, and it took a lot of concentration by the crew to keep the sails pulling. We started the race with the 155 genoa, switched to the asymmetrical spinnaker and did a peel to the symmetrical spinnaker. Many thanks to Chris Evans, Steffi Schiffer, Jim Perrott, Christine Posniak, and my wife Brenda.

If you have Google Earth, this link will show you our track: SPOT TRACK






Race Results

or click here for word file. Race Results