Key West Race Week 2002

KWRW began for me this year with a great disappointment. I had organized, back in August to charter a J105, to do the regatta with Chris and the Brit gang. We had the charter deal done and the condo and slip reserved.... were just about to order sails, when the J105 Class Executive Committee decided to make this an "owner only" event and rejected our application to race. They said "If you don't own a J105, you can't charter one". Nothing I, or anyone else, did or said would change their minds.

In search of another boat to charter, we were unable to find anything the team and I found acceptable, so deposits were refunded and I went in search of a ride for myself.

Thanks to my friend Joe, who needed some digital photos of a new J145, I got hooked up with the owners of Rain Cloud and went along on the delivery to Key West. After sailing on the practice days, they had a crew cancel, so I was able to race 3 of the 5 days with them. It was a great boat and a pro team, and I was lucky to get the ride.

The Boat.

The Keel The Mast

First Splash

The above photos were taken as the boat was commissioned at Derector's Ship Yard. More can be seen in the photo album section of my website.

The official christening.

Various sailing and shoreside photos:








The Awards:




Monday was chase boat day on the Melges 24 course. Too bad there was no wind and so no race.



A bad day on the water for Titan, when Decision tried to duck her.

And, of course, some of the scenes that make Key West, Key West!







Though there was a tie in points between Rain Cloud and Rio, Raincloud was awarded 2nd place, as Rio had more total firsts during the week.