Miami Key Largo 2011

See track here (if you have Google Earth)

Once again Michael and Brenda invited me to race on Magic for the race to Key Largo. This time, we had all planned ahead well enough and booked our rooms before they sold out. Only way to go!

I know you all must be tired of reading my stories, so this time, I have a contributing author(YAY!) . The following was written by Holly Griffin after her first Key Largo race:

The Miami to Key Largo Race on Magic by Holly Griffin (a little editing by Stef)

My first instruction from the Captain prior to crewing on Magic was that "drinking is not mandatory but expected". So our mornings always begin with Bloody Marys and [my] devilled eggs.

Brenda and Michael delivered the boat to Bayside on Friday, and the crew was to meet them at 7AM on Sat. When I crawled out of bed at 4AM, I thought I must really enjoy racing and boy do I!

We had a magical cast of 7 characters, Mike, Brenda, Stef, Dave, Tom, Nick and I. This was a 35 mile race starting at 8AM. There were 146 boats, both Mono and Multi Hulls in one start on a very long line We had a magnificent start, to say the least, slicing through the fleet. We sailed through approximately 40 boats starting on a port tack at the windward end of the line. Magic tacked near the committee boat and asserted starboard rights, causing several port boats to duck us or luff up for us to make way. The captain did a fabulous job maneuvering the boat! The port tack boats were stacking up like firewood!

Boats scattered all across the Bay after crossing the line. Based on the tide and currents we decided to take the East side of the course. What really amazed me was that we were allowed to start our engine and furl our jib when we had to go through narrow channels as part of the course. The rule is that you cannot take advantage of your position on another boat when under power. The Captain was itching to put up the 155 jib while motoring but he felt it wouldn't be the Corinthian thing to do. We had 1,000 pounds of rail meat which was a big advantage on this gusty (and sometimes very light) upwind day. While on the rail our Commadorable said to me, "we are the last boat" and I said "no Brenda, look in the other direction" and she then became very happy seeing MANY boats behind us!
It was a beautiful day on the water, winds 12-18. Magic was neck and neck with Latitudes all day; we crossed the line just before they did. We finished the race at 16:03, tied up to the dock at Gilbert's Resort, and went straight to the pool. We then had a wonderful evening of dining and dancing. Super Dave found a great band playing on the beach.

Our ride back was like skating on glass under power until finally a breeze came up and we were able to fly the A-sail.

It was a great weekend, FUN had by all, particularly the crew of Magicians on Magic!

Thanks Holly for writing... hope you don't mind the few little changes! Below are some pix from the weekend. Please note the photo of Michael holding out FIRST PLACE TROPHY!! Well done Magicians!



First in Class

watch this space