April in South Florida means it's time to race from Miami to Key Largo. This 35 mile race down Biscayne Bay is always a blast.

Magic was again entered and we wisely had booked our rooms WELL in advance. Our issue this year was that without letting us know in advance, Bayside Marina said 'no overnight parking'!! From now on, I'll be sure to call ahead and verify that all is well for those of us with cars.

Never can tell what the weather will be and this year it was a soggy windy blast! The GALE warnings were up! Happily it was NOT on the nose but sadly it was more of a drag race than a tactical event. We had no sail changes and no spin runs... only a few instances of "reef the Main, and "shake the reef out"! We also had some cool moments of the "Fun Meter: hitting numbers of 7.2, 7.4 and even a 7.8!! Too bad I was not in a position to get a pic of that! It would have been fun to post it here.

The Magicians have gotten very good at the reefing system and we were fast and smooth partly due to Michael's addition of 2 new line clutches for the reef lines that now run to winches.. NICE!

I didn't get many pix this year, as it was difficult to see anything in the rain and squalls but here we are:


You think I look happy?


Bob, resting up before the start.

Tom and Michael


Bob keeps an eye on the trim

Brenda and one of the Daves trying to be 'fat'.

Tom trimming the Main


The vew off our transom.

Tom enjoying his new waterproof camera

I see a patch of blue sky up there!

Keep it 'here' capt. Michael!


I STILL look happy ;)


Hike it down crew!


Wet and Wild!

Nicer at the finish!

 Not quite as impressive as last year's first in class but Magic got a 2nd in class this year in a 'waterline' race on the smallest boat in class so we're pretty OK with it! Go MAGICIANS!