Miami - Key Largo 2014

Another year, another race to Key Largo. This year Team Magic was Michael, Brenda, Bob, Lara, Shir, Dave and me. Again Michael brought the boat to Bayside on Friday and again we went through the trauma of the parking ordeal. Finally we decided to just take a chance and leave 3 cars at the parking lot in front of the Marina office. Again, no one showed up to collect out $, but we left them anyway. The good news was they were still there when we got back. No 'boots' and no tickets and none towed away. The better news was still no one was there to collect the money so we parked free!

We left the dock at 7 with traditional Bloodys in hand, in good time for the 8am start and did well on timing.

Photo by Shir

Also got the kite hoisted in about 10 seconds after the gun so off to a great start! Things looked good in the begining but not far into the race, the wind decided to take a vacation and challenge the sailors all over the course to keep the boats moving. Some did better than others.

Magic did occasionally drop down to 0.2kts over ground and it was difficult but we hung in there and eventually the breeze came back. The 'new used' spinnaker Michael bought last year that we never got to use for the race or the trip home, did get a good work out for most of the day until the last few miles after the Card Sound bridge and Dave, Brenda and Shir took turns trimming.



 Photo by Shir

 Photo by Shir

It was fun and exciting to look around and see PHRF boats and Multihulls that should have left us on the horizon, still all around us!





When we got past the finish and into Gilberts, we were pleased to see we only had to be a third boat out from the wall, and the one inside us that was in our class, though they said the had been there an hour, they also finally confessed that they motored in.

The cruise back up the bay Sunday was beautiful and some had lots of time to relax!






Race Results

Team Magic was feeling really good that we had done well. Race results show we were 1st in class and 2nd in fleet!

Happy (double nickle) Birthday Brenda!