Rolex Swan American Regatta

Newport 2005


Though it's a wonderful town and a great racing venue, it was not one of our more successful regattas. I had a great time sailing and a good time at the parties... but of course, would have liked to see better results. Maybe the people who own the company that makes and sells the boats, should not be the ones doing the handicap ratings? One has to wonder...when the newer boats get more favorable ratings than the older boats, if they are not just trying to get the owners of the old ones to buy new. True, we needed more weight on the rail... I guess we should have had an extra 200lb guy or 2 instead of 1 or 2 of the women... and I guess some newer sails would have made a difference as well, but the crew work was good and tactics were sound. When we find ourselves doing a downwind leg of a race, following 2 boats that we owe time to, and one of them has the spinnaker wrapped around the headstay and the other has no headsail up at all (note the photos at the third row from the bottom ...both, for at least 10 minutes of the leg, or more... we really do have to wonder why the ratings are as they are.


Anyway, as I said, it was a fun week and I would still go back and do it again, but I think i'd prefer a different event!


View flying in


Only in PVD airport!


Sazerac at the dock


Newport Shipyard


Note the 2 Mini 12's on top!


Now this is STYLE!


NY Yacht Club


NY Yacht Club


sunset from NYYC


Heading out to the start





Round the Island in fog



Happy feet ;)




Living history... 12 Meters


We won this protest



Dock Party



how can we owe time to these 2?