Sailing Tididi

March 2008

After seeing Josie at the Boat Show in Miami and mentioning to her that I needed some docking practice, I got an email from her inviting me to come sailing with her. Josie has her own 'one woman' sailing school in Gulfport, FL . She said she had a student taking her course and she'd like to have one more aboard, and she'd give me some docking lessons, so I booked myself a room in a lovely B&B and drove over to the other side of the state.

Josie and her student had started classes on Monday so Eileen had some basics down by the time I got there Tuesday night. Wednesday we went out and did 'man overboard' drills and boat handling practice in the Bay and Thursday, we went out in the Gulf for a sail about 15 miles south to Longboat Key where we went in and anchored and launched the Dinghie. We went ashore for dinner at Mar Vista, and then spent the night aboard and sailed back Friday. Once back in the Bay, we did more 'MOB' drills...under sail this time.

All of this was for her student's benefit. Navigation, anchoring, dinghy handling...all part of Eileen's course requirements. All just fun and some practice at the helm for me!

We had a wonderful week sailing and catching up on each other's lives. Josie has invented a great tool for teaching people to sail so If you have a chance, please check out her Wind Wheel!