Finally, after 2 years and 7 months in 'refit mode', Bandana was ready for a race. We managed to take her out for 2 'shakedown' days in the prior weeks but this is the 51st Wirth Munroe race, and we're excited to be able to race again!

The Wirth Munroe is run by the Sailfish Club of Palm Beach and the Lauderdale Yacht Club every year. It's a race from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach and is about 40 miles however the rated distance for handicapping is 34 miles, to account for the gulfstream. This year there were 25 boats entered and we were in class 3 with 6 others.

The weather was predicted to be light with only 5-10 mph wind so we were pleased to have more. The race was very much a 'drag race' up the coast with no real passing lanes and we were pleased to have won 2nd in class. with a finish time of 14:28:08. I really don't remember ever finishing with this much daylight left! It's usually a big rush to make it to dinner on time!

As always, the dinner was excellent, though I must say I miss the oysters they used to serve next to that big bowl of shrimp. I suppose like everything else...the price goes up and the selection goes down...sad!