Once again we raced Bandana in this sprint up the coast from Ft. Lauderdale to Palm Beach.

With 7 boats in our class we took 2nd place again, and with 22 boats in fleet, we were 5th.

Frustrating that after racing about 5½ hours, the difference between our 2nd and the 1st place boats was only ELEVEN SECONDS!

Bandana doesn't point high enough to have made it out to the 'stream' on one tack, as it was pretty far offshore, and if we had tacked to try to get out there, we'd have been sailing South of East... going backwards... so all we could do was get about 3 miles out to be out of the counter-current and sail the boat as fast as we could. All in all, it was a beautiful day on the water and the biggest tactical question of the day was when to put up the Assym and head to the finish mark. Frank called it pretty well!

I must say I got lazy and didn't take any pictures at the dinner this year so if you want to see what the buffet looked like, you can just go look at my Wirth Munroe 2007 page... looks very much the same!

The photos below were taken on the way home the next day... That's Drew in the Galley making whole wheat blueberry pancakes and sausage for us!