Time for Wirth Munroe again. Hard to believe it's December already!

The usual suspects again, Skip, Mike, Bob, Craig, Frank, Sam, and me, plus Kim and Joe.

Nice to have 9 instead of last year's 6. We left the dock at 6:45am again to beat the bridge lockdown and had time to spare but it was good we left early, as there was a bit of 'bottom time' right off the dock and I got nervous that we wouldn't get out. But Skippy's good and he managed to get us off the shallow spot and all the bridges cooperated and there was no train! We went to 15th St. and tied up to kill some time and get the required caffeine fix for those on crew who needed it. Took on some Diesle as long as we were there.


Finally time to go, and we went out on the 8:30am bridge opening with several other competitors. We headed out the inlet and held off hoisting sails until we could check out the conditions, as we were unsure if we'd need a reef or not.


Wind seemed pretty consistant at 20 to 25kts from the NE so we went with the full main and the #3 Jib.



We crossed the finish line at about 1344hrs and change and were salty, wet and ready for the Rum Punch at the dock.

A great shower at the yacht club, and NO LINE at the Ladies' Room! The floor was still dry and there were plenty of fresh clean towels provided. Gotta Love the SailFish Club!


Awards were given and once again Bandana followed Carinthia, the J120, who also got us last year. This time we were 2nd to their first and also 2nd in fleet. Carinthia got us by about 13 mins, corrected.

Joe and Craig drove home after the party and the other 7 of us stayed aboard for the ride home on Saturday. Wind was gusting 20 to 30kts and it was a FUN ride!


Now I'm going to be a little 'self serving' and add 4 of ME since I rarely have any pix of me at the helm and this time I do! My parents may appreciated it. LOL!



Race results can be seen here: www.yachtscoring.com