Yeoman XXXII 2008 delivery

From Cracker Boy Boat Works to Pier 66


Ashley came back to town on Wednesday, Jan 8 late at night and the Yeoman project began again in the morning. She and I drove up to Cracker Boy Boat Works and spent the day working on the boat. She was busy puting things back together while I kept busy with her laptop doing inventory of packaged food and first aid kits and various other projects. I came home and Ashley stayed aboard for the night so she could get an early start and she worked all day Saturday. She came back here Sat. night so we could drop my car at Pier 66 in the morning and drive back up to get the boat. Ashley was kind enough to let me recruit some friends to crew and I brought 5 sailors along. The day began with barely any wind and then it gradually picked up to a max of about 17kts but after a fairly short time of that, it settled down again to about 12kts. It was SSE for the most part and we did a fair bit of tacking down the coast. We mostly stayed off the beach a bit too far which put us in the north current but the boat draws 10 feet and she didn't want to risk going in any closer. We're used to sailing much closer to the beach to catch some Southern countercurrent but hey, we loved being out there and I didn't hear any complaints. It's better to be safe than sorry! We made the 8:30 bridge and managed to get into the slip without running out of water, though the depth guage had us pretty nervous for a few minutes! Below are some of the pix from a very fun day!





 And so Yeoman XXXII is safely at Pier 66 and ready to race to Key West