Stef and Tom Play on the Schooner America

The schooner America is a replica of the original yacht America that first brought the 100 Guinea Gup (later renamed in the yacht's honor The America's Cup) to America from Britain in 1851. This schooner was built in Albany New York in 1995. She is 139 feet overall and draws 10.5 feet of water.


In all her glory under full sail!

Cruising out of Port Everglades

A shot from amidships of Stef driving down the coast

A shot down the deck of a happy crew from the stemhead fitting

Stef driving to weather on a beautiful Florida day

Tom driving toward Miami

Stef out on the bow (taken by Tom WAY out on the bow!)

Tom WAY out on the pointy end!

Don't look too happy do I???

Tom at the helm with 90 feet of waterline, nicely making way!