Columbus Day Regatta 2011

Magic was entered in her first Columbus Day Regatta and since Michael and Brenda said they would not go to Elliott Key but would go back to the CRYC for Saturday night, I agreed to race with them. I booked a room at the Marriott Courtyard and with the awful weather we had, it was money well spent!

Saturday, we had squalls with winds reported to be up to 40kts and then down to 0kts and everything in between! It was an ugly wet day, which began for us with a bad spin wrap right off the start line. Not a great way to begin!



We spent a good part of Saturday with only the main up, as there was just too much wind to even carry the new #3 Jib.


Sunday was a much better day, though it was still rainy with some squalls around. I was very happy to have our sailmaker aboard. Sure wish he'd been there Saturday as well but that was more like survival conditions than sailing conditions so it probably wouldn't have made any difference.






Out of the 12 boats entered in our class, only 4 finished. The good news is we got a trophy for Magic's first ever CDR. The bad news is that our Third place was also next to last! But we feel good that we went out there both days when most chickened out and stayed home and Michael sent his very proud Mom up to collect the trophy, so the weekend was a great success for us. No one hurt, and nothing broken and a piece of hardware for the skipper's Mom ;)



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