Key West Race Week 2000

J-105 "Phenix"

What to say about this year's race week other than that what we didn't bring home in trophies, we brought home in knowledge and experience.

We chartered a J-105 called Phenix...don't ask us about the strange spelling ... you'll have to talk to Bob about that, but I think it has something to do with not wanting to mistake the boat for the city. With 3 crew from England and one from Boston, the collection of accents aboard was colorful at least!

Our 9th place finish overall in a One Design fleet of 18 boats was not what we had hoped for, or expected, but at least we improved our performance toward the end of the week. The one trophy we came home with was for a third place finish on Friday. We did have one other Third place finish but it was on a day with 2 races and we were called "over early" on the second race so our combined score for that day didn't qualify us. *sigh*

We did however get to spend time with our English friends, Chris, Neil, and Jason, and that is always great fun! We also met some of the J-105 fleet who we hope to count as new friends.

Of new lessons learned... having a wide load trailered from New Hampshire to Florida is not only expensive but quite an ordeal! Permits are complicated to get and restrictions are not made public knowledge until the last minute when its too late to change plans.

Important sailing lesson learned...don't try using a brand new sail for an important event if it has not yet been sail tested with your sailmaker aboard. I'll leave that long story for some other time.

Bottom line was this: of 8 races we finished in 11th, 12th, 12th, 12th, 12th, 3rd, 12th and 3rd. For a while there we were sure we had 12th place locked up and would win a trophy for boat with the most consistent finishes (if there was such a thing).

All in all, any week out racing is still better than any week at work!