Fort Lauderdale to Key West 2004

This year, for the first time in many years, Bonnie was going to be with me in January so of course we had to find a boat for

the Ft. Lauderdale to Key West race. What better choice than the HC 50!

Rick got permission from the owner and I booked a slip and sent in the entry. Unfortunately, as a very late entry, we had late fees and had to get a slip at Stock Island's Oceanside Marina instead of in town but it all worked out. We were lucky to get a slip at all!

We knew we had Ray and Omar and decided we needed one more really good driver so I called JR and he agreed to join us.


After a great start we sailed the boat fast and worked it hard all night. With 2 laptops aboard, both with navigation programs in them we remembered why we still bring paper charts with us. Nothing like having backups for your backups!

The tradition of Breakfast at Pepe's is still a good one and we all had a great time, if not a great race result. Can't win them all!