Miami - Key Largo 2004

When we couldn't get Phoenix ready in time to make it to Antigua Sailing Week, we decided it was time to go to Plan B. Ned loaned us Otter, his Catalina 42, and we entered the Miami - Key Largo race. This race is quite an event! There were 160 entries.... everything from Hobie beach cats, up to several PHRF and ARC classes. So Frank, Martin, Steven and I sailed down to Miami a day early. We did a practice run at the start line and sailed down to Elliott Key and the guys went over the side and did a bottom scrub. We sailed back up the bay and anchored off of MYC and went in to the skipper's meeting. Frank found Jo there and invited her to join us for the race and we were pleased that she did.


The race has only 1 start and Frank did as good a start as I've ever seen! We were right on the line, right on time and fast in clear air! Quite a feat in a huge fleet like that! It was a perfect day for Otter. Wind in the 25kt range and off the aft quarter so we were able to hold the Assym for all but a few miles! The rules of the race say you may run your motor in the channels but you may not pass any boats while doing so. It makes things interesting!

We got a good spot to raft up at the party and had a great time dancing, eating and drinking! We stayed an extra day down there waiting for Ned but he ended up not getting there so we headed out the next day and Ned caught up with us at the Miami Yacht Club. We stayed a night there and then sailed home the following day in lovely conditions.

We did a great job, and managed to be the second keelboat to finish, and we corrected to second in class!