Annapolis NOOD's 2001

Spring in Annapolis and time to go race with Bonnie again. Seems its been forever and feels great to be back!




The first day of racing,things were going our way. At the end of 3 races we were in 5th place overall in a fleet of 19 with a 5-7-14 for the day. Not in the money but still quite respectable.



Saturday was less than lucky for us when the first race we had to tack away from a tug and barge and that put us in the depressing position of having to port tack the entire fleet and cross behind nearly all of them. Result...18th place. The second race we were doing fairly well after a great start and we had confidence we were going to finish well, when on the last upwind leg, the Jib halyard decided to give up. We did the best we could to get the sail down and a new halyard on and hoist again but there was no way to recover from that one. Result...16th.







With an OCS (over early) on Sunday, we had to restart. I guess that was the last thing that could have gone wrong for us in this event, so there was nothing left to do but win the party!






My final word on this one is that All regattas are FUN and it was great to sail with Bonnie again!