Wirth M. Munroe Memorial

Ft. Lauderdale - Palm Beach Race

This race is hosted by the Sailfish Club of Palm Beach and I'm still trying to find out who Wirth M. Munroe is or was. If any of you know, please drop me a note.

This race is a 40 mile sprint up the coast, though it's rated at 36 miles to adjust for the Gulfstream current. The real trick is to decide how far offshore to go in hunt of the Stream. Then once you find some current, do you keep going out to look for more? Every mile you go out, is of course, an extra mile back in to the finish line. Also,with a NE wind, you must call the correct angle in to the finish if you plan to try to carry a kite. It was a wonderful day aboard Bandana and our tactician made the right calls. The Stream was in close and we got a 3 knot kick without going way out to find it, and he picked the perfect angle to carry our Assym to the line. We finished FIRST in class!